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Love My Dress is the beautiful blog by Annabel Beeforth, a must read for brides-to-be offering them a wealth of fantastic advice & incredible inspirations. With a huge following of readers and fans from the wedding industry as well as couples planning their wedding, Love My Dress was voted as 1 of the top 5 wedding blogs in the world by none other than Elle Magazine - that is praise indeed! Annabel offered some heartfelt advice about choosing your wedding photographer which was very touching for so many wedding photographers' to read- ourselves included. We wanted to share it for anyone considering their wedding photography...

"I was just looking at the latest wedding on Love My Dress and it struck me what a very long way wedding photography has come. Now, we see exquisite images the kinds of which would once have been confined for a stylish magazine spread - wonderful heartwarming moments captured of an unsuspecting Bride and Groom and their guests, thanks to the talented Photographer's ability to just 'be there at the right time', all the time, quietly clicking away to capture those beautiful human moments, those little smiles, kisses, laughter and tender embraces. 

I love a group shot - who doesn't - it's lovely to see everyone together having fun, but I am glad to see less of the more traditional shots, all that stuff posing and 'say cheese!'. I don't mean to go all romantic on ya'll but I am in constant awe of some of the wonderful, evocative, moving, funny images that land in my inbox on a daily basis. And I absolutely love sharing them with you all. I've read it so many times before, but wedding photography really should be prioritised right at the top of your budget {along with the dress, or course!}. Try to afford the very best Photographer that you can - these images will stay with you forever, bringing back fond memories for years and years to come that you can share with all those you love...."

Image from Love My Dress 

To read Annabel's latest advice, inspirations & recommendations visit Love My Dress 

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