Dream Find Do...

Finding your talent and also finding something you love to do is a wonderful combination and at Catharine Noble Photography we feel so lucky and privileged to take our talent and love and do it as our jobs! We were really impressed by a new project launched by lifestyle bloggers Michelle & Rebbeca which is aptly named Dream.Find.Do. It's a blogging masterclass for both those who like to blog as a hobby and those who blog for business.

Michelle & Rebecca hold their first blogging masterclass in Manchester this September and a Dream.Find.Do class is certainly on our wish list and to do list! If you do blog for business it is so important for your brand and company to be visually cohesive as well as user friendly. A course such as Dream.Find.Do is a fantastic way to get to grips with blogging or to update your  blog giving it a more professional edge! For further information head on over to their website and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with future classes here.   

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