Introducing Itty Bitty & Fluffy...

We have been a bit blog quiet and we did promise that for 2013 we would share more of our work as it happens across our beautiful blog. As you can see we have been busy with a brand new blog design by Itty Bitty & Bijou but we have also been working on something ever so exciting - the launch of a brilliant new blog! We introduce you to Itty Bitty & Fluffy!

Itty Bitty & Fluffy is a blog celebrating stunning Pet Photography and the special place pets hold in our hearts, families and homes. Sharing beautiful and inspiring lifestyle photography of both pet dogs and cats by professional photographers from around the world! Featuring also fabulous finds for stylish pet owners and pet lovers - from handmade products and newly launched collections to perfect dog walking attire and of course sharing information about Charities and upcoming events.

Stop by and have a look around the new blog and share it with your fellow pet lovers too!

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