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Having a creative career you have to constantly look for inspiration, work on your craft, keep learning and trying new things. All of these things we love and ultimately this passion to move forward, stay on trend and enjoy our work makes us better at what we do - and better for you!

We are always making plans for our business, we make goals and things to encourage us to grow as Wedding Photographers, business owners and creatives. It is exciting and so is the future! Here are some of our plans we hope to achieve and look forward to in our creative futures:

> Attend a fab photography workshop with some of the best and most inspiring wedding photographers'
> Take photos for fun and not just for work!
> Travel and document special places in our photography
> Have our long awaited and anticipated Engagement Session and experience life on the other side of the lens!
> Link our design company and our photography company more providing beautiful Save the Dates and Baby Announcements
> Complete the beautiful new branding of Catharine Noble Photography! This is in the process ( as you can see ) and very exciting!

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