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Today we have a little post about framing your beautiful photos - no nothing technical, just encouragement and inspiration! We offer all our clients heir images electronically for them to print to their own specifications and budgets - not ours! But we do worry if some people leave them on a disc and never get around to printing them. 

Enjoy your photos! Frame them and gift them!

James and I often change around our own frames at home, updating photographs with the seasons and of course we have many photos of our fur babies Joey & Teddy! We also excitedly print and display favourites in our home office too! I was delighted to find this pretty little frame below - of course it had to have some sort of sequins or sparkle! It makes us feel so happy, motivated and inspired to see these photos up in our home and we hope our clients do the same.

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  1. I was so delighted to receive this lovely photo frame with memories of our lovely day. It was such a special surprise & very much appreciated x


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