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If you haven't already had the pleasure, meet Teddy, a cheeky little chap we adopted last year. He is a very fluffy little guy with a huge personality! He make us smile every day and we feel like our lives and house must have been very quiet before Teddy came along!

Teddy is a Japanese Spitz which is a breed you don't see very often, so he really draws a crowd wherever we go. He may be small, but at home Teddy is in charge when it comes to our other pet dog Joey, who is a rather handsome Labrador cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They are chalk and cheese but this seems to work quite well with Teddy being more exuberant this brings shy Joey out of his shell and in turn Joey is a superbly well behaved and quiet dog who calms Teddy's crazy antics!

Teddy loves to cuddle, he enjoys standing out in the wind and letting it blow his hair about like he is in a shampoo advert, and he loves rice! Whenever he smells us cooking rice he gets very excitable indeed! Aside from his love of rice, Teddy has another joy in life which is music! The more magical the music or sound the better! He also learns the theme tunes to our favourite (and most often watched tv shows) and when he hears the music he howls - or in Teddy's opinion sings along!

We adopted both of our rescue dogs from Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, located in the picturesque countryside of Ramsbottom, Lancashire. We regularly volunteer walking the dogs there and they have so many beautiful animals awaiting their forever home and families. We highly recommend you visit whether you want to do a good deed and walk some doggies or if you are considering a pet yourself.

You can read more about Joey and Teddy and our misadventures together at Itty Bitty Fluffy blog. You'll also find lots of amazing pet photo sessions from the best pet photographers from across the globe too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,

Catharine & James 

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