Easy Ways Your Wedding Photography Business Can Be More Eco Friendly by Catharine Noble Photography, Manchester.

Last week we spoke to the lovely Charlie of The Natural Wedding Company about our eco ethics and the ways in which we run our photography business to reduce our carbon footprint and consider the environment. We thought -'Why on earth haven't we shared this on our blog yet to encourage others?'

So this week we wanted to write a piece about what we do to be eco-friendly at Catharine Noble Photography and how you can make easy changes for your business to reduce its carbon footprint too ...

Here are some of the ways in which we are eco-friendly at Catharine Noble Photography:

* We are paperless -  this is a big part of our eco ethics as it can be difficult to put into action and sometimes our clients really would prefer to receive a printed brochure etc. Even our contracts can be signed with an e-signature.

* We don't even have a printer at home/ our office. which means that it helps us to paperless and only the absolute odd essential thing gets printed and involves a trip out to get it done. This is a great step to take - it really illustrates how often you may 'just print the odd sheet' if you had easy access to a printer!

* We don't use business stationery other than our business cards which are printed on recycled paper stock. We don't even give way our business cards unless essential and you'd be suprised how little you really need them when you are concious about giving them away. If we needed a piece of stationery/marketing in the future it will always be a low number and using recycled paper only.

* We use online banking to save on unnecessary paper from other businesses too!

* We supply only digital files to our clients. This is either electronically or by a usb stick which is something they can reuse again and again. As we don't supply prints clients will then print the ones they definitely want.

* Our work has the look of Film but we are infact digital and this means that we are not throwing away lots of packaging. If you do shoot film do you have ways in which you recycle your film cans to share with others?

* We use only rechargeable batteries for both our cameras and flash units - we also operate 90% without flash as we prefer natural light.

* We use an Apple iMac computer for the huge amount of hours spent editing - they are much more power efficient. We also ensure that both of our computers go to sleep after 5 minutes of not being in use.

* We use energy saving bulbs and are always conscious of using natural light wherever and whenever possible instead of switching on a lamp or light.

* We share one car. We walk instead if it's local and to save on huge car journeys to meetings we will skype if we can too.

* We turn to online blogs and magazines for inspiration - not just for ourselves but we also recommend them to our clients above printed magazines! { We have a blog post about this coming up soon too }

We hope we have given you some ideas for your business and if you already have eco - friendly policies please share them with us too! 

If you're a Bride and Groom planning your wedding, we hope you like our efforts to be eco conscious. You can find a select range of wedding vendors who also apply eco friendly ethics to their businesses in the Directory of The Natural Wedding Company { here

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