Freshening Up Our Blog - How You Can Achieve A More Elegant Blog Design in Just Three Steps by Catharine Noble Photography

You may have noticed that our blog had a little revamp and a fresh new look - do you like it?!

I was reading the Female Photography Association (FPA) blog and a sentence hit me - "Is your blog beautiful, filled with amazing content that gets visitors returning to your site over and over again, and something that you love writing because you're so full of ideas?"

I couldn't answer yes to any of these points. Our work and brand had outgrown the blog design, it didn't match and wasn't beautiful. This meant we lacked some confidence in posting regularly, so we didn't have a blog full of content - although we did have beautiful content to share! I have drafts and drafts of posts written over months and have ideas for more but something stopped me sharing them.

So when Charlie of the FPA then announced that she would be running a free Superblog Challenge, I was over the moon! I immediately subscribed and added the time it would need to my schedule. Challenge accepted!

Day One focussed on considering your blog design. I'm not going to give you the tips - you'll have to see if they are going to run the challenge again : ) and you should, it's excellent - and free! But, I will tell you how you can tweak just three parts of your blog design to create a more elegant look!

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James and I wanted to create a clean, fine art photography style look, where our photographs would stand out. We are so much happier with our new design and it compliments both our work and brand better. We feel much more confident, motivated and inspired to post our recent work too!

If you like our fresh new blog design, here's how you can create a similar look:

1. White Space -  we love white space, it really allows your photography to shine. It is a big trend in fine art photography to do without all the textured backgrounds and patterns. Instead use beautiful, clean, white space as a basis for your blog design.

To create this look remove your blog background and replace with a simple white background colour. Then create a blog header which is again white with just your logo. This looks really effective with a range of logo and branding styles.

2. Widgets and Plugins - we would remove the sidebars on our blog entirely, but until our business is more established we need to include those all important links, directories and credentials within our design. However, we did remove widgets and plugins that we didn't feel were of any use or looked far too outdated.

Think about your blog's needs - do you need every plug-in and widget that you currently have? Could you remove any or all to make your design more elegant and all about the images?

3. Text - smaller sized text looks tidier and when I studied Typography at University ( I studied Graphic Design at degree level and yes, there are whole modules just about type ) we were taught that smaller text creates a more luxurious and expensive look. Yes please!

Many fine art photography blogs are opting for smaller text and you can use either a modern sans serif font or a traditional serif font to achieve the same look - which suits your design?

We hope that you love our new blog as much as we do! When you return you will find more beautiful photographs and posts and exciting news we can't wait to share with you!

Thank You so much to Charlie & the Female Photography Association for the Superblog Challenge! I hope you find my design tips useful too.

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