How to Attract More Clients With Your Facebook Page Profile Picture by Catharine Noble Photography

Have you ever noticed when you like a new Facebook page it will show you similar recommendations below? I love this feature and have found so many beautiful Wedding Photographers and and blogs to follow through this! 

But, I'm a busy person and have limited time to look through these properly so often I will just hover over the recommended page and it shows you a small preview in the form of the page's profile page and cover image.

Now, I have a huge confession to make but I'm sure I'm not alone!
I'm a huge snob when it comes to photography and graphic design. Huge!

If it doesn't look good I will pass it by. It takes just a couple of seconds and my decision is made. If a photographer, wedding stylist etc is serious and professional it should look good - shouldn't it?! You'd be suprised how many I come across that don't. 

It's a trust thing for Me too - I have a background in Graphic Design and I'm a Wedding Photographer - I am completely passionate about things looking as good as they can be! Subconsciously I think - if a company can't put the effort into make their appearance credible - are they going to truly put their efforts into you and your wedding? 

Realising how crucial it is to have a beautifully presented Facebook page, how big an impact it has on your brands image and that it certainly reflects your work - I looked at my own and it wasn't good enough.

I was guilty of the same thing - not having a Facebook cover image of up-to-date work, not showing how good we are - and missing potential clients!

Now, you may think, "Well not every potential client is that bothered about my branding, my portfolio is good enough" - a small part of that is true. What about other wedding vendors that could be potential contacts and beautiful blogs that wont give you a second look. Bloggers particularly follow Facebook pages looking for amazing new content - could you be missing press and valuable features as well as contacts and clients?

When you look at it this way - it is certainly worth putting it into your schedule to look at!

If you're taking this into account and updating your Facebook page, check on your page statistics and see if it made a difference to the number of your page likes in the months after. We'd love to see pretty examples too - leave your Facebook page link in the comments below so that we can inspire each other!


  1. It's true, those three images are just beautiful and I would like in an instant. I'm currently working on all of my branding to make it cohesive across all mediums and of course to make it as attractive and appealing as possible.
    Good post and I loooove your work x

    1. Thank You so much for your kind comments Caroline! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful branding! xo


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